Faith Crisis & Spiritual Issues


  • Experienced pain or tragedy for which religious answers do not seem satisfactory?
  • Felt that you have outgrown simplistic religious ideas, concepts or answers learned in childhood?
  • Experienced a feeling of dryness where God feels distant or absent?
  • Been betrayed or abused by a religious leader or authority figure in whom you have put your trust?
  • Felt your personal values or intellect are in conflict with what you are being told to believe?
  • Felt overly-controlled by a religious subculture and wished for more freedom of choice?
  • Often longed for something deeper than what your religious tradition has offered, and wondered if you should look elsewhere?

A personal faith crisis can come on suddenly, through events such as unexpected tragedy or painful betrayal.  Or a crisis can be a gradual process brought on by normal faith development, a lack of theological knowledge, or a decline in spiritual practices.

Experiencing feelings of doubt, anger or confusion about previously strongly-held beliefs in God and spiritual reality can cause significant anxiety or depression. This is especially true for someone who comes from a deeply religious family or a person who has practiced their faith for a considerable length of time. If this is the case, you might worry about rejection or judgment from church and family members who find out about your struggle.


Counseling offers a safe, non-judgmental environment where you can express your doubts and other intense feelings and wrestle with what you believe. In this setting, a faith crisis can be an opportunity to gain new understanding about yourself, God, other people and the world. Successfully navigating a crisis can bring healing and a breakthrough to a new level of faith that is clearer, stronger, more passionate, well-reasoned and satisfying.

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