6 Common Sources of Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety and depression are among the most common reasons people seek counseling, and often the two occur together. These conditions can be due to one of the following root causes, or perhaps in your case it is a combination:

  1. A challenging situation or tragic event that has occurred in life, such as a relationship breakup, job loss or death of a loved one
  2. Adjusting to new circumstances, even positive life events such as moving to a new town, starting school or a new job, getting married or having a baby
  3. A physical condition such as medical illness, side effects of medication or postpartum depression
  4. A history of trauma or abuse
  5. Drug or alcohol abuse or addiction
  6. Low self-esteem


The use of medication alone will help if your anxiety or depression is caused solely by a medical issue, but in most situations anxiety and depression also have a psychological component. In these cases, medications may help with symptoms but do not address the core problem or provide the same level of relief. Counseling will not only alleviate symptoms but also allow you to make more permanent changes, including:

  • Understanding more comprehensively how you view yourself, others and the world from a particular perspective
  • Developing healthy coping strategies for dealing with intense emotions
  • Identifying habitual, destructive patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving
  • Changing unhealthy patterns of self-talk and underlying negative beliefs
  • Processing and healing from traumatic events and grief
  • Clarifying your vision and values for living
  • Increasing feelings of self-worth and finding deeper signficance to life

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